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My name is JORDI BRIZ. I'm a Londoner, originally from Catalonia.


I have been in London since 1995. Since the first day I liked this city... I don't know what happened to me... something strange: I had never before fallen in love with a... city!.

Now, I cannot go away. Leaving London (even if it is only for a few days) is, for me, like treason!. Weird, isn't it?.

The thing is: I like everything in London. Its buildings and architecture, its streets and buildings, and its gardens and parks, and the smells of the place, and, of course,  its people (people?... everybody around the world talks incessantly about the multi-culturalism of London!)... Traditions and trendiness, old and new, busy and quiet... of course, I mean: the famous contrasts of London!

Well, I don't know what else to say... for me, this is the best city in the world and I don't see myself anywhere else in the world!.

So... what I've been doing all those years in London?. Very simple: I have been researching and learning about it as much as I have able to (and you really love more something -or someone!- when you know it -or her!- better...).

And...what I am going to do with my "knowledge" (no, no... don't misunderstand me, I am not aspiring to become a London cabbie!)?

This has, as well<  an easy answer!. I want you, dear reader and visitor, to know what I know, about London. I want to show you those places that nobody knows (I mean most of the visitors and... a majority of Londoners!). An I want you to enjoy London as much as I enjoy it!

Would you like to join me, and explore and discover London with me?.

With pleasure!

Jordi Briz


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  • "For sure the best London Guide! Jordi, moltes gràcies, vas ser un guia excepcional, transmets la teva passió per London i l´encomanes!! Totalment recomanable!!"
    Familia Garcia-Moreno
    Weekend in London
  • "This was by far the best tour i have ever taken, my tour guide Jordi is the most knowledgable person about london i have ever met. His passion for london and his outstanding obs..."
    tom parks